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Liquor Inventory Ruler
Sold by the set. 750ml and 1 Litre sets are sold as two separate items

Item Description

Shot-Glance is comprised of gauges designed to help managers perform accurate and consistent inventories on partial liquor bottles. Precise inventories allow management to determine the sales potential for a specified period of time based on actual liquor usage. When comparing potential liquor sales to actual liquor sales, managers can pinpoint sales shortages and provide the necessary training and/or discipline to prevent future losses. Shot-Glance can also be used to perform wine bottle inventories for establishments that serve wine by the glass.

1. There are 5 sets of gauges:

2. Hold gauge against liquor bottle and view the level of the liquid at eye level to obtain the most accurate reading.

3. The accompanying chart provides many popular liquor brands and the gauge numbers assigned to that brand. If a brand is not listed, find another brand on the list with a similar height (where the shoulder hits the neck) and a similar bottle shape. If possible, the gauge should not be more than 1/2” away from the bottle at any point. There may be a gauge that fits the brand better than the one we recommend since bottles are constantly being redesigned by the distiller.

4. The ounces printed on each gauge read downward for ounces remaining in the bottle (to be used with Alcohol Controls’ Shot Glance Software) and upward for ounces poured from the bottle.

5. Popular Common gauges are #3 or #4 for liters and #3 for fifths.

6. Contour gauges for liters & fifths have different left (L) and right (R) side readings.

7. The big 1.75L gauge has left readings for glass bottles and right readings for plastic bottles.

8. The left side of Contour liter gauge #2 is used for both Maker’s Mark and Crown Royal and is indicated on the gauge as “mm” and“Cr. R” since both bottles have the exact same shape but different length necks.

9. Dipsticks are used to determine liquid levels in opaque, tinted or painted bottles where the fluid level is not visible. Place the dipstick into a bottle until it touches the bottom, then pull it out and hold it next to the gauge to read the inventory. Make sure to raise the dipstick 1/8” above the gauge’s base to allow for bottle thickness. Wash after each use.

10. To expedite the inventory process, keep bottles positioned behind bar according to gauge number so there is a minimum switching of gauges. With this method, managers can inventory all liter common gauge #3 bottles together, for example, instead of going from liter gauge #3 to #2 to #3 again, etc.

11. To speed up the data entry procedure with the software’s inventory worksheets, list brands on the worksheet in the order they are stored behind the bar.

12. If you have multiple bottles of the same brand, then add all of the inventories together before entering into the worksheet for that brand. For example, if you have three liter bottles of Absolut, and their inventories are 27 ounces, 11 ounces and 4 ounces, then Absolut’s inventory figure would be 42 ounces (27+11+4).

13. Usage figures on the software’s inventory worksheets are calculated by taking the Beginning Inventory, adding any purchases received between the inventory periods, then subtracting off the Ending Inventory.

14. Wine by the glass programs can also use the Shot-Glance system to determine accurate inventory levels. The 750 ml. wine bottles typically use the black- imprinted Common gauge #4, occasionally the Common #5 gauge or the left side of the #4 Contour gauge.

Two sets for Fifths (750 ml. bottles = 25.4 ounces.) Black-Imprint. One set for straight-sided bottles called “Common” and one set for curved-shaped bottles called “Contour” (or “Cordial” or “Brandy”.) Two sets for Liters (1,000 ml. bottles = 33.8 ounces.) Red-Imprint. One set for straight-sided bottles called “Common” and one set for curved-shaped bottles called “Contour.” One gauge for 1.75 liter bottles (1,750 ml. = 59.2 ounces.) Green-Imprint.

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